Baswood provides proven solutions in the industrial marketplace for beverage manufacturing, food & dairy processing, and animal feeding operations. Here's how:

Beverage Production

Baswood provides proven cost-effective, reduced energy solutions for beverage producers who are facing rising sewer surcharges or tightening regulatory discharge limits.

Baswood provides an effective solution to the pretreatment of high-strength wastewater produced from beverage manufacturing. Baswood's BioViper™ system uses patented technologies to provide optimal pretreatment, requires minimal operator oversight and operating costs, and at the same time reduces energy consumption compared to other treatment options. The BioViper™ offers a preferred combination of cost effectiveness, size, and simplicity. The multiple reactor system with its robust biomass quickly adapts to fluctuating waste loads without compromising system performance.

Food and Dairy Processing

Baswood provides solutions for the food & dairy industry that dramatically reduce the cost of wastewater treatment by eliminating the need for additional treatment equipment to remove solids, such as dissolved air flotation (DAF), and requiring less energy and manpower to operate.

The BioViper™ is an enclosed system that has a small footprint and requires minimal operator oversight. It eliminates the need for costly flocculants and polymers or complex odor control systems. The system's reduced hydraulic retention time, ability to treat fats, oils and grease (FOG) and its increased solids retention provides efficient treatment of wastewater from dairy processing with a quicker return on investment. At the same time, dairy processors are still able to harvest valuable milk solids that can be marketed as high-protein animal feed.

Animal Feeding Operations

Baswood's proven solutions for both large and small agriculture companies makes it practical to safely and responsibly harvest animal waste.

The Baswood BioSaver™ processes high nutrient swine waste in the agricultural industry, harvesting the solids as an easily managed beneficial soil amendment and making it easier for the agricultural community to operate within the restrictions governing nitrogen and phosphorous loading. The liquid effluent from the treatment of these wastes is easily treated to meet reuse standards for sanitation purposes and can also meet livestock drinking water criteria.

The BioSaver™ is a closed loop system that requires minimal operator interface and can be easily integrated into the duties of existing staff.

BioViper™ BioViper™

BioViper™ Overview

We offer a technology that can handle widely fluctuating organic loads without upsetting system performance. The BioViper™ has a large, diverse biomass that adapts quickly to changing waste conditions, such as pH, while maintaining a high removal rate of digestible organic constituents.

Consistently High BOD Removal Rates

The BioViper™ offers superior digestion rates of over 80% with a reduced HRT, resulting in significant savings on BOD and other related surcharge fees for your production facility.

Lower Cost Alternative

Energy and solids disposal are your two most significant cost associated with biological wastewater treatment. Due its efficient aeration process, the BioViper™ requires 40% less energy than traditional aerobic systems, and its high solids retention and proprietary DCAD process significantly lowers the quantities of biosolids produced compared to competing technologies. The system is also highly automated and can be monitored or controlled remotely, so you won't need to hire a dedicated operator.

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