Baswood Fact Sheet

Baswood offers innovative and sustainable technology-based solutions to wastewater and biosolids treatment for a wide range of industrial and municipal markets. Since our first application in the municipal market at Glasgow, KY, Baswood’s state-of-the-art technology has proven effective in treating a variety of waste streams with a cost advantage over baseline technologies.


BioViper - Specifically designed to handle high-strength industrial waste streams, the Baswood BioViper offers a preferred combination of cost effectiveness, size, simplicity, and low operating costs to provide optimal pretreatment when compared to traditional treatment technologies.

BioVore - Baswood's biosolids/sludge management solution for the municipal market, the BioVore, uses patented technologies to provide both increased solids retention and decreased hydraulic retention in a stable, fixed film system resulting in reliable municipal wastewater treatment and minimized biosolids production.

BioSaver - The Baswood BioSaver processes high nutrient swine waste, harvesting the solids as an easily managed beneficial soil amendment and making it easier to operate within the restrictions governing nitrogen and phosphorous loading. The liquid effluent from the treatment of these wastes is easily treated to meet reuse standards for sanitation purposes and can also meet livestock drinking water criteria.


U.S. Patent 7,144,507
Dry Cycle Anaerobic Digester (DCAD)

U.S. Patent 7,387,733
Aerobic/Anaerobic Integrated Microbial Succession (AIMS)

Leadership Team

Michael Walker, Chief Executive Officer
Kendall Yorn, SVP Engineering
Dr. Kai Zhang,Principal Process Engineer
Phani Peddi
Paul Kamholz, VP Sales & Marketing
Bill Faulds, Chief Technical Officer


Year Founded 2004
Business Type Privately held
Size <50 employees

Markets Served
Industrial/Food & Beverage
Rapid Respond
Brewery Waste
Beverage Soft Drink and Juice
Oil and Gas

825 Watters Creek Blvd #200
Allen, TX 75013

109 E De La Guerra
Santa Barbara, CA 93101