The Baswood technology was developed and patented by Paul Baskis, a microbiologist and inventor, who studied rivers and saw how bacteria worked in different aeration environments. Based on these studies, Mr. Baskis designed an innovative approach to wastewater treatment that replicated the efficient and effective processes that occur in a natural environment.

Baswood's patented Aerobic/Anaerobic Integrated Media System (AIMS) maximizes biological treatment efficiency utilizing our patented Dry Cycle Aerobic/Anaerobic Digestion (DCAD) technology. Waste is fed sequentially through a series of fixed-film reactors. Naturally occurring biomass, consisting of a diverse mix of biological cultures, develop in different zones of the reactors. As the wastewater passes through each reactor, it is exposed to distinct treatment zones that allow the technology to maximize sequential biological treatment, resulting in accelerated BOD digestion, as well as biological nutrient removal. Baswood's systems achieve treatment goals with reduced hydraulic retention and increased solids retention.

Our systems address the four biggest cost elements of wastewater treatment: energy use, sludge management, chemical costs, and operations.

Energy use. The vertical alignment of proven technologies that are uniquely arranged in a Baswood digester takes advantage of air’s natural tendency to rise through liquids like smoke up a chimney. As a result, the Baswood system uses a fraction of the energy required by competing technologies.
Sludge management. In achieving higher rates of digestion the Baswood system also produces less sludge. The greatly reduced volume of sludge results in lower handling, transportation, and landfill costs.
Chemical costs. The units are internally self-buffering, which translates to avoided chemical costs.
Operations. Baswood's proprietary control system is automated to drastically reduce operator interface and can be operated on site or remotely.


  • Low life-cycle cost providing a rapid return on investment
  • Superior digestion rates resulting in significant savings on BOD and related surcharge fees
  • Modular, customizable unit operation with compact footprint and minimal site infrastructure needs reducing construction risk
  • Efficient biosolids digestion that consistently reduces the quantity of sludge to manage and dispose of by 60% or more and minimizes handling costs
  • Capable of handling widely fluctuating organic loads
  • No need for pretreatment
  • Environmentally friendly system that has a smaller carbon footprint compared to other systems, minimized odors, and can meet water reuse standards
  • Ease of operation and maintenance through use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and proven Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Benefits of a Baswood System

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